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» Great interiors for you clients
» Easy to drive for any chauffeur
» Full featured and easy to book
» World-class vehicles
» Luxurious amenities
» Superb audio and flexible, easy input for many devices
» Luxurious, modern interiors
» High Definition Video
» Lavish and luxurious leather seating
» Deluxe flooring
» Bars with built in coolers
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Thoughts on buying a Party Bus in the USA:
We alluded to the different reasons to purchase new or used in our "About Us" page. But here, we'll delve into that and other aspects of the art of acquiring a party or limousine bus in the United States. You'll find that there are a great many used vehicles out there. One route in purchasing a used vehicle, if you have the access to someone who can manufacture interiors for you (or if you can do it yourself), is to buy a used coach or transport bus with a standard "row" seating setup. From there you can strip the interior, sell the unusable parts, and outfit the vehicle as you see fit. In order to pull this off, you'll likely need someone with solid mechanical, electrical, and interior repair skills at your disposal. But, by going this route, you can give yourself a totally unique design, as well as saving yourself a great amount of money in the initial aquisition of your bus.

Another route is to buy someone else's used and fully outfitted party or limo bus. There are caveats to this as well, as with any used product, you just never really know what you're getting until it's yours. But, at least you'll have a good chance at saving some initial time by acquiring something that already outfitted for the purpose. To go this route, it is also advisable to (like when buying with the aforementioned method) to have some mechanical inclination or having a mechanic on staff to iron out any unforeseen bugs and quirks.

The final option, as you might guess is to buy a completely new bus. There are outfitters who make gorgeous limo coaches, or you could buy a bare bus chassis and have it outfitted yourself. Either way, by buying new, you're hoping for reliablity and problem free usage right out of the gate. This can be a great option for newer companies who have some capital to invest in their business. Having stylish and brand new coaches can give your new reputation a boost right from the very start. And, in this business, reputation is really everything!