USA Party Bus Events:

school dances

Proms and Homecomings:

You'll find that you're often at odds with your teen. When it comes to the big "school dance" times, you'll be glad to know that you don't have to be at odds with them. Your primary concern will be their safety, and their primary concern will be how they're perceived by their peers. Both concerns can easily be addressed in the realm of transportation by reserving a party bus for their big event. The professional chauffeur will safely guide the safe, stylish, and comfortable party bus to the event, and they'll look like rock-stars as they step out of their luxurious party bus.

birthday party

Birthday parties:

Birthday parties, and really, all parties are a wonderful reason for one to procure the ostentatious transportation afforded to you by party bus and limousine bus companies. You'll find that with a party bus, you can get all of your friends and family in on the celebration... A celebration which can begin the very moment your group is picked up at their initial location. This is because with a DOT registered limo and party bus company, the consumption of "adult beverages" is permitted, and the sound systems and video capabilities in a party bus are perfect for getting the party started right away!

sporting event

Tailgate Parties, Sporting Events, and Outings:

A situation highly similar to Festival and Concert goers is placed in the lap of those sports fans who attend local games and tailgate parties. Traffic and parking are often a nightmare scenario causing unnecessary angst to an event which should be a source of pure enjoyment to the fan. Aside from that, the benefits of bringing a party bus to a tailgate party is obvious. You get amenities that every tailgate party should have, televisions, awesome stereo, coolers for drinks and snacks, as well as a place to hang out with your fellow sports fans if the weather is not cooperating.

concert party bus

Festivals, Concerts, and Celebrations:

We've all been to a big local event... We go in excited to see our favorite artists, or some big local exhibition of some sort, only to have the entire experience marred by the terrible traffic getting into the event, which is only compounded when we're unable to find parking. Well, one easy way to circumvent this frustration inherent to events like this is to arrange luxury transportation from a party bus or limousine company. You'll find that having a chauffeur really puts your entire group at ease, as you can at least chat amongst your friends and enjoy their company as well as some spirits while waiting in traffic. It sure beats being stuck behind the wheel!

bachelor bachelorette party

Bachelor and Bachelorette Events:

This type of event is probably one of the most perfect for the term "party bus". They give your group room to kick back and have a great time not only at the party events itself, but also to and from the respective stops on the itinerary. Most party buses also include the ever popular "dance pole" which can provide entertainment, whether you bring an entertainer along for the ride or not.

celebration party bus

Cultural Celebrations:

Once in a lifetime events like a Quinceañera, Bar Mitzvah, and Bat Mitzvahs are a perfect reason to splurge a little bit and bring everyone to the celebration in posh luxury and style. Party buses are the perfect choice as they fit a wide range of people, and are ultimately comfortable choice in luxury transportation.

wedding service


You'll find that weddings are progressively switching to party bus and limo bus services to provide the transportation for their wedding parties on the big wedding day. We believe that the primary reasoning for this is that the party bus offers the same luxurious amenities which add that touch of class that brides and grooms are looking for... as well as providing a lot more room for the sometimes rather extravagant outfits that the ladies in wedding parties tend to wear. There's room to stand, walk around and move about as required to get everyone settled and comfortable for the ride to the ceremony, to the picture locations, and to the reception. You'll find that the party bus is the perfect choice for your wedding party! Find your local provider and inquire today.

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