Some frequently asked Party Bus questions:

Do party buses and limo buses generally have restrooms?

The answer to this one certainly depends upon the bus and the company. Bus restrooms are quite expensive and difficult to maintain, so a vast majority of buses you'll find out there are going to be without restrooms. To compensate for this, many companies we've found offer for unlimited stops and mileage to allow their clietele the ability to use the restroom whenever they need to

Will it be easy for us to find a party bus that allows for smoking?

This will certainly not be an easy task these days. More and more companies are disallowing smoking in their vehicles. As with the restroom scenario, many companies compensate for this by allowing you to stop whenever it's feasible to do so. Companies reasoning for not allowing smoking may vary considerably. They may want to protect you from possible extra damage charges, as well as keeping their vehicles in optimum condition. Some do it in consideration for their drivers, and some may do it for a combination of all of the above. You might get lucky though, and find a limo company that allows smoking. You'll just have to call around to find out.

Is there an industry standard for operating hours?

While there's not an industry standard, per se.

Do limousines and limo buses generally have restrooms?

This day and age, there are a good many reasons for one to consider hiring a limousine to cover the transport of you and a group of friends or colleagues. Perhaps it could be for the wedding of your best friend, or maybe you have a fundraiser and need transport from a banquet hall to an event. You might just be due for a big night out on the town, and would like to fulfill your innate desire to be pampered while you're out with your closest friends having the time of your lives...

Whatever the reason is, there are things related to limousine service that can save money, time, and headache which you should be aware of before you begin your search for the best company in your respective area.

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