Common USA Party Bus Pricing Practices:

There are many ways for party bus and limousine companies to structure their pricing for services. A great majority offer services for a flat-rate "by the hour" method. Some may offer package deals at a reduced rate for "off-peak" times and days. But, you'll find that a vast majority of party bus providers work with the by hour methodology. With that in mind, you're going to have to find a company that offers reliable service at a price within your budget. It may be easier than you think too, since the costs, when split among a large group of people, can be far more reasonable than even calling a taxi.

Time Minimums:

You'll find that most companies out there require a minimum time commitment for service. Every company is different, as each has a different budget to consider when deciding on this policy. These minimums are set because companies have to cover their expenses, and the minimum requirement is in place to insure that they are making money every time their vehicles leave their garage. So

Policies Regarding Cancellations:

Whether a company allows for cancellations or not, all companies will have policies in place to protect themselves from the frivolous consumers out there who try to book and cancel at whim. When giving you a reservation, a company is making a commitment to you. They are shunning all other clients for the vehicle you reserved, and if you decide you don't want the vehicle, they've lost out on business. You'll find that some larger companies allow for cancellations within certain time-frame parameters. They will allow you to cancel, but it will cost you either your deposit, or your deposit "plus" a cancellation fee. Smaller companies generally can't afford to do business this way, so a great many will have a rule in place that you'd have to agree to up front. That there are no cancellations allowed. A smaller company generally can't afford to reserve a vehicle and then have it cancelled which cancels out a big portion of their profit. For either of these scenarios though, you're going to want to protect your hard-earned money and be sure that your need for luxury transportation is a guaranteed thing. You don't want to get stuck paying even a little bit for a service that you're not going to use.

Excessive Distance Charges:

The industry is split on this aspect. Many companies will charge you to deviate from your scheduled itinerary. Some give unlimited mileage. Either way it happens, there is a trade-off. You'll find that companies which allow for unlimited mileage generally charge a little more per hour to compensate. It's just up to you to decide which suits you the best.

What happens if you exceed your pre-paid time:

You're going to want to be careful with this point. It is certainly in your best interest to find a company which is fair in regards to their policies dealing with a time overage. There are a great many companies out there who charge far beyond their standard hourly rate when you go over your pre-arranged time. It certainly pays to ask ahead of time and make sure that your prospective company is fair when it comes to time overages.

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