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» Service readily available
» Professional chauffeurs
» Courteous booking agents
» World-class vehicles
» Vehicles insured for client protection
» Licensed and inspected the DOT
» Luxurious, modern interiors
» CD with iPod/MP3 interfaces
» All interiors clean and fresh
» Deluxe flooring
» GPS equipped for efficient routes
» Bars with built in coolers
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Welcome to USA Party Bus!
Party Buses, Limo Buses, Limo Coaches, and Limousine Buses are really all different ways of identifying with the same unique twist on luxury transportation most commonly known as "The Party Bus". Sometimes, a group might find that a more traditional stretch limousine isn't roomy enough, yet the desire for classy and fun transportation still exists. Or, perhaps it comes down to personal preference, and you just favor the aesthetics afforded by larger vehicles. You might be surprised to know that a party bus can offer far more in the way of entertainment goodies for the enjoyment of your group over a traditional or even a stretch limousine. It also bears mentioning that the views outside the party bus are often far more expansive which is very often useful when going on sightseeing tours, wine tasting events, and other scenarios where a nice view of the world outside might be desirable. Whatever you require luxury transportation for, now that you're here, we're going to offer our perspective on why a party bus just might be the right choice for you!
When planning your event, the transportation is almost always a consideration. Weddings, concerts, sporting events, fun nights on the town, special celebrations, and even parties can all be made that much more fun by negating the need to have personal vehicles as the primary transportation to and from the festivities. Personal vehicles mean that people have to do their own driving. This subsequently lends to the fact that certain members of the celebration will be excluded in some of the fun because they bear the responsibility of driving everyone around. To negate this, that's often where party bus and limousine companies come into the picture. When everyone is chipping in, the cost is not so inhibiting as you might thing, and is far better than the risks of having "one to many" and getting behind the wheel. There are many reasons people hire a professional chauffeur, and personal safety is one of the very best reasons to enjoy the luxurious party bus and the considerate chauffeur in the driver's seat.
If you're going to consider party bus services, you're going to want to find the best companies in your area. This handy USA Party Bus guide can assist you in that regard. For a good many of our represented areas, we're able to recommend some of the highest quality companies for your respective cities or states. When you do decide to shop around, you would do well to have the following information ready for whichever companies you contact... This will help them facilitate an accurate quote based on the parameters given.
  1. Which date service is required
  2. How many passengers will be coming along
  3. The city of pick-up
  4. The hours of service required
With this information handy, you'll be able to get a far more accurate quote, and be able to ascertain availability in one phone call, as opposed to needing to make multiple calls in order to get the information you need.
As with anything in life, you're going to want to get some information about and from the company itself before you decide to commit your hard-earned money to them. Some things to consider inquiring about would be:
  1. Do you have any hidden charges?
  2. What are your policies regarding smoking and smokers?
  3. Should our itinerary change, is there additional charge if the change is drastic?
  4. Do you charge for service by the mile or by the hour?
  5. Do you charge for additional (or unscheduled) stops?
  6. What are your policies regarding cancellations?
  7. What happens if my group happens to make a large mess of things in the vehicle?
Knowing this information will give you a great idea about whether or not the company is one you'd like to work with. Feel free to check out the rest of our site, and good luck in your search!